4 Practical Tips For First-Time Skydivers

Going skydiving is a life-defining experience for many; nothing compares to the sheer adrenaline rush you experience after jumping out of a plane and parachuting back to Earth below. If you're thinking about going skydiving for the first time, you can expect your first session to be a tandem one with a certified instructor. Before you book your first skydiving adventure, there are a few things to keep in mind that may help you make the most of your session.

Be Mindful of What You Wear

Start by checking the guidelines presented by the skydiving location you're considering. You should be able to find dress guidelines on their website or by giving their office a quick call. Generally, you should wear lace-up shoes (such as tennis shoes or sneakers) and athletic pants that are snug-fitting. A tight-fitting, long-sleeved top is also recommended. Do not wear anything that is loose-fitting or that has strings or other accessories that could end up blowing around in the wind (and hitting you or your instructor in the face).

Book an Early Time Slot

Whenever possible, try to book the earliest time slot available for your skydiving experience. There are a number of reasons for this. For starters, early morning tends to bring the coolest and most comfortable conditions for skydiving. Also, if there are any delays due to weather, having an early time slot means that you'll be among the first on the list to jump as soon as the weather clears up, thus reducing your overall wait times.

Save Money With a Group Discount

Many skydiving businesses offer discounts for those who book in larger groups. If you and a group of friends are looking to skydive for the first time, consider reserving your time slot together as a means of saving money.

Don't Skydive on an Empty Stomach

While you may be feeling a bit nervous before your skydiving experience, it's important to eat at least a light meal before you arrive. Otherwise, you might end up feeling lightheaded due to a combination of nerves and low blood sugar. If you're feeling too queasy to eat, try whipping up a nutritious smoothie before you leave. A little nutrition will go a long way in fueling your first skydiving adventure without making you sick.

After you skydive once, you'll probably want to do it again and again. Make the most of your experience with these practical tips and tricks.

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