Go On an Adventure: Why Your Trip to Colorado Should Include a Ride on the Royal Gorge Train

If you're heading to Colorado, and you're looking for a new adventure, don't forget to ride the Royal Gorge train. It takes you on a historic ride through the royal gorge, which is located about two hours away from Denver, Colorado.

The Royal Gorge train doesn't take you on an ordinary train ride. It provides you with a lifetime of memories in one adventure. Here are just four of the reasons to take a ride on the Royal Gorge train. 

Explore the Royal Gorge

If you're ready for an adventure, it's time to take a ride on the Royal Gorge train. During your two-hour train ride, you'll get to take an up-close look at the Royal Gorge. You'll be traveling along the canyon floor as you ride the train. The Royal Gorge is part of the Arkansas River that flows through Colorado. During the ride, you'll be able to sit inside any of the comfortable cars. Or, you can stand outside in one of the observation cars. Either way, you'll get a breathtaking look at the canyon. 

See the Royal Gorge Bridge 

If you want to experience a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, take a ride on the Royal Gorge train the next time you're in Colorado. In addition to traveling through the gorge, you'll also get the opportunity to see the Royal Gorge bridge from a whole new perspective; from the ground up. The Royal Gorge Bridge was built in 1929 and provides access across the Arkansas River. However, you'll need to look up to see the bridge. That's because the bridge is more than 950 feet above the bottom of the Royal Gorge. 

Enjoy Food and Beverages

If you want to sit back and relax during your adventure, the Royal Gorge train might be just what you're looking for. One of the great things about the Royal Gorge train is that you can enjoy fine dining during the ride. Depending on when you book your ride, you'll get to enjoy either breakfast, lunch, or dinner. If you want to enjoy all three, plan to repeat the adventure several times. Best of all, there are menu options for the entire family. 

Celebrate the Holidays

If you're tired of celebrating the holidays the same way every year, and you want to make some new memories, make sure your holiday plans include the Royal Gorge train. Some of the holidays you can celebrate on the train include Mother's Day, Easter, and Christmas. Or, if you'd like, you can celebrate Oktoberfest on the train. 

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