Looking For Reunion Ideas For Your Old Military Unit? Customize A Fly Fishing Trip

If you and your fellow veterans from your old military unit are looking for a place to have a reunion, consider a multiple-day guided fly fishing trip. Embarking on a guided fly fishing trip with your old military buddies is a terrific way to reconnect while getting fresh air and enjoying nature.

After all, since many veterans identify as the adventurous, outdoorsy type, it should go without saying that reconnecting to nature is beneficial to veterans' mental health. In fact, studies show that veterans benefit from the restorative effects that being in nature has on health and wellbeing

There are generally several ways to customize your group's fly fishing trip

Trip Length

You can customize your trip based on what your group's members prefer overall. Alternatively, if some of your group wants the trip to last several days yet others only want the trip to last several hours, the fly fishing guides will be more than happy to help assist you in fulfilling these requests as well. You can choose from half-day, full-day, or multiple-day excursions. 


Typically, transportation to and from the fishing locations and/or campsites will be provided by the fly fishing guide; however, be aware that in some remote locations, your group may need to hike a bit to get to the fishing location. So, you'll need to consider if anyone in the group has mobility problems that could prevent them from joining in on the excursion to a remote location and what other location options the fly fishing guide can provide. 

Some fly fishing guides offer a horseback riding component to the customizable fly fishing trip package. Don't worry if people in your group have little to no experience with horses, the guide will provide wranglers and horses that are very well trained. 

Lodging & Meals

Lodging can also be customized for your group. If you feel that you've already spent enough nights sleeping in a tent, you can simply choose a half-day or a full-day excursion or a multiple-day excursion that offers cabins for lodging. If your group has mixed ideas about what they'd like to experience, your fly fishing guide may be able to accommodate everyone's requests.

Meals during fly fishing trips are generally prepared and cooked by a staff member of the fly fishing operation. If your lodging will be in a cabin or at a resort, your dining options will be more broad than trips that take you deep into the wilderness on horseback, for example. 

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