Tips For Remaining Safe While Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater rafting is an exhilarating way to enjoy the water, but it's also one of the most turbulent ways you can experience being in a boat. Safety should be foremost anytime you're in a boat on the water, and that's doubly true when rafting. Follow these safety tips, and you can responsibly have a great time on the rapids. 

Always Wear a Life Jacket

Everyone on a boat should have a life jacket. Many boaters keep them within reach when recreationally boating on larger vessels, but you should always be properly wearing your life jacket when whitewater rafting. The jacket should be on you at all times and buckled securely.

Whitewater moves quickly, and that can lead to things happening quickly when you're rafting. You may not have time to don a lifejacket if the boat capsizes. Having one on will ensure you're able to float downriver even if something happens.

Remain in the Raft

A general rule when boating is to always stay with the boat, even if it becomes disabled or you're in the water. If you can reach the boat, grab onto it because it's the largest flotation device you have access to.

When whitewater rafting, remaining with the raft has implications both if you end up in the water, and during normal rafting. You'll want to grab onto the boat if you go overboard, as that'll help you stay with the group and easily flow downstream. Keeping your upper body in the boat while paddling will help prevent you from falling over.

Know What High-Siding Is

High-siding is a technique of immediately getting to the highest point of the raft. Sailors who have experience on small sailboats will be familiar with the technique, as they regularly hike out on the higher side of the boat as the wind causes it to heel. HIking out is the term when sailing, and high-siding is the term when whitewater rafting.

Make sure you know what high-siding means, so you'll know how to react when the command is given. When the raft pitches back and forth through the rapids, everyone in it might have to high-side at any moment.

Use an Experienced Guide

Even if you've gone whitewater rafting before, always go with an experienced guide. A guide will know how to best navigate the local waters, and they'll be skilled at managing everyone in the raft. They're trained on how to look after everyone so that the group has a safe and fun time.

Contact a local rafting trip service to learn more. 

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